The Lost Brush Series 
 Longitude/Latitude  N 42° 49.590' W 124° 32.818' (WGS84)

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#1  Nate and Me 

About The Artist
Rebecca Hargrave Malamud

In the year 2001, expecting a baby in a few months, I left the fast-paced city and moved to tiny Timber Cove, a little community perched on the cliffs of Sonoma County, about 90 miles north of San Francisco. When my son came, I put him in a backpack and spent my next year climbing up and down those cliffs contemplating the life I left behind, getting to know my new son and examining this place I called my home.

#2 A Thirsty Philo 
Together, Nate and I (and our trusty trail dog, Philo) learned about the world around us and marveled at the spectacular area we lived in. We explored the neighboring state parks, including Salt Point State Park, home to harbor seals and sculpted sandstone, Fort Ross State Park steeped in history and abalone, and Kruse Ranch, dense with its wild rhododendrons and mushrooms. We saddled up our noble steed TIN BUG and found endless tangles of back roads where we would drive for hours when we wanted to be in a place where no one could find us and cell phones couldn't reach. We discovered all the little towns along the way and noted the special qualities of each, including where every nearby kids park and dog-friendly watering hole was located.

#3 TIN BUG in front of Cape Sebastian 
And all along the way I took photographs and began mapping the memories I was experiencing with my crew.

For me photography is part of a broader artistic pursuit, the understanding of place and space and the art of mapping memory. I spend as much time hiking, working with maps and learning about the flora, fauna and history of a place as I do taking the actual photographs. As an artist, I feel that continually gaining experience and learning about the world I'm in broadens the context of my work and allows me to know what to look for through the lens. And, on a personal note, the experiences are more meaningful since I am sharing them first-hand with someone I love very much. I find that as I continue to develop as a photographer, the personal connection and sense of place that I find is far more important than the images I have captured. And if I can share that sense of place with others, then I have succeeded as an artist.

I had to move on from Timber Cove, which was difficult because I knew there was so much left there to learn and experience. But I filled my head and my hard drive with countless memories of a beautiful place that I will always consider special. Fortunately, I landed on the Southern Coast of Oregon near the northern tip of the vast Siskiyou National Forest. I share this new place with my family, artists, fishermen, loggers, farmers, elks, bears, cougars, bobcats, and an incredible variety of birds, trees, mushrooms and berries. And as I walk up and down the beautiful rugged coast and into the forests, I continue to explore with my son, slowly mapping new territories, expanding my horizons and sharing new memories of home.

  The Lost Brush Series

The Lost Coast
The Lost Coast

photo details
lens shut aper exp iso focal ratio
Technical Specs 28-135 1/350 F13.0 0.0 28 400 3:1
File Name IMG_0706
Title The Lost Coast
Series The Lost Brush LB
Photographer Rebecca Hargrave Malamud
Capture Date 11.01.02 11:37:22 AM
Media Giclée Print on Arches Watercolor Paper
Dimensions 30 x 20 (36 x 26 framed)
Camera Model Canon EOS D60
Location Cape Mendocino CA
Longitude/Latitude N 42° 49.590' W 124° 32.818' (WGS84)
Waypoint LCOAST

inset photo data
capture date waypoint
#1 Samuel Boardman State Park 07.23.03 04:01:42 PM SAMUEL OR
#2 North Island Viewpoint 07.23.03 04:03:54 PM NTHVPT OR
#3 Pistol River State Park 07.23.03 02:59:16 PM PSTLPK OR


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