Point.B Studio


2019 Art Exhibition and Events

ROAD TRIPS / An Art Exhibit. Opens this November during the Port Orford Art Walk. This exhibit is our annual celebration of art and creativity and will feature the work of several exceptional photo-, video-, cinematographers + experimental art. The featured photograph (at left) was taken by artist Nathan Malamud and is the namesake of the exhibit.

Darren Evans Art / New work coming to Point.B in 2020

SEA-CHANGE / The Cinematography of David Fortney.

More Love Now / The electrifying fine art prints of Tullio.

wind map / Fernanda Viégas + Martin Wattenberg / hint.fm.

earth / Cameron Beccario / wind map of the world.

Hexagonal Music / David Victor Feldman / math + music.

[ˈɡeːɡənʃaɪn] / The Time Capsule Project / Now In Beta

Progressions / William Paul Gaetjens / Work in Progress.

Interazione / Point.B Studio
Signature limited edition posters from our exhibits.

The Lightbox Interpretations / An evolving exhibition.

#rdcHQ = The Rural Design Collective ... Stay Tuned <3

About Point B Studio

Point.B Studio is an art gallery and Internet design studio located in the town of Port Orford, a picturesque fishing village and artist community on the southern Oregon coast. Celebrating its 16th year, the gallery highlights artists who incorporate some aspect of the Internet in their work, and explores where art, traditional design and new media intersect through onsite and online exhibits.

In 2009, Point.B launched the first of a three-part exhibit entitled "Art in the Information Age" [αἰτία]. This fine tradition continues with our time capsule exhibit, [ˈɡeːɡənʃaɪn], and "SEA-CHANGE" below

Memory Palace Projects

The Queue — {~beaux libre*}

Notable work by established and emerging artists.