Best Practices

A unique area of specialty of Point.B Studio is creating media that can be published on multiple platforms, most notably web sites that will also be published in print form. Our most recent project of this nature involved publishing multiple translations of an open source book in web, print and ePub form. The book design had to accommodate all of the technical considerations of the various languages (10 total, including the English variation). Urdu, a right-to-left reading language, presented unique challenges when compiled as an eBook.

The photo below shows early mock-ups of the first covers printed to vellum so decisions could be made regarding type specs. Since the fonts varied wildly in regards to what is commonly referred to as “x-height” and “line-height” in traditional typography, the space that the title of the book needed to be gauged by eye.

Code Swaraj

Editing the book in Sigil, our eBook tool of choice:

Code Swaraj

You can view the full series of “Code Swaraj” books at the Internet Archive here: The launch page for the book, also designed by Point.B Studio, is here.

Exploring The Internet

“Exploring The Internet” is another book we designed web, print, epub and cover files for, complete with an animated SVG of the section graphic: which is a state-of-the-art example of scalable vector animation.


Title 8

The studio also excels at creating visually appealing book covers. We'll be adding more to this page. One such example is below:

Title 8

This full book can be found at:, also designed and produced by Point.B Studio.

Life On A Redwood Post

“Life on a Redwood Post” was a delightful collaboration with the late Scott Peden, photographer, plant expert and docent of the California State Parks. We helped Scott organize and illustrate his large archive of insect photographs with the idea to continue the book as a series. This project was the focus of The Rural Design Collective Mentoring Program in 2013:

Life On A Redwood Post

DESIGN and COPYEDITING / Rebecca Malamud
PRODUCTION / The Rural Design Collective Mentoring Program

More at: and here. A nice tribute to Scott can be found here.

eBook Enlightenment

Life On A Redwood Post

EBook Enlightenment was another project of The Rural Design Collective Mentoring Program. Read more at the Project Page established during the summer program here

A World’s Fair for the Global Village

Book, print collateral, CD-ROM and website designed and produced in collaboration with the author. Overview at Photos to come ...

In the meantime, more book design (a.k.a. "Publishing Art") can be viewed here.