Point.B Studio is creating the images and diagrams for Cornell’s Legal Information Institute’s CFR. The project involves re-engineering 15,000 different types of art in the corpus of documents, including line-art diagrams, schematics, math equations, tables, forms and other types of web objects, many of which are very complex.

Each art object is restored by hand-drawing, hand-coding and annotating the original source low-resolution bitmap graphic to make it machine-readable and accessible to the broadest audience possible. This means that not only is it open to the public at large, but accessible to ALL including the economically disadvantaged due to the fact that it is no longer locked behind a paywall***. It is available to disabled people as well since the text and captions have been re-engineered to be read by text-to-speech applications.

Beaux Libre

The posters shown above are our signature diptych for {~beaux libre*}, designed by Rebecca Hargrave Malamud, repurposing art that was created during previous restoration projects by The Rural Design Collective.

More about the current CFR project can be found at https://blog.law.cornell.edu/tech/2019/04/

*** With the optimism that the issue of digital divide will one day be resolved.