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Videography at Point.B Studio is often a collaboration between Rebecca Malamud and Nathan Malamud, although the duo also works independently from one another.

Below are select videos:

Pacific High School Parade (2020) —

Tribute to Dan Almich (2020) —

Dan Almich

ROAD TRIPS / The 351-Building Restoration Edition (2019) — A collection of time-lapse videos can be viewed at artist Darren Evans’ website:


The All New #rdcHQ (2016)

All New rdcHQ

Spring Thing (2016)

The Beginning of The Sustainable World Premiere (2012) at The Savoy Theatre in Port Orford, OR —

Sustainable World

You can see more videos created and produced by The Peeps @ Point.B at the following links:

Work in Progress — Stay Tuned!