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Rebecca Hargrave Malamud is one of the earliest practicing web designers on the Internet, publishing her first website for a client in 1991. Designers from that era gain insight into elegant and functional design solutions that work over unnecessarily complex architectures. She has experience on many large-scale web projects, building components or directing creative, as well as creating complete websites.

Below is a very short list of recent and relevant projects. See Projects for more best practices and work in progress.

A World’s Fair For The Information Age

The 1996 World’s Fair was a major undertaking which involved book design, print collateral, a web site and CD rom. It has the distinction of being one of the earliest websites on the Internet that indeed still works! — 😃 (Complete project page coming soon)

World’s Fair


Soulpie.TV was created in 2018 and was a perfectly executed example of brand identity across web and print media (it even won an award —!). Unfortunately, the band broke up shortly thereafter.

Soul Pie TV

Rural Design Collective

The Rural Design Collective is a mentoring program sponsored and organized by Point.B Studio. Currently, it is in hiatus, however we have hopes to start it again someday as time, funds and tenacity permit. 😃 You can read more at Also, here is one of our favorite photos of the Cobwebs Crew just because —


New Artists Productions

New Artists Productions is our favorite youth theater group ever. We were quite fortunate to build their website during our mentoring program. You can watch a video about that here:


The New Artists Productions Website was created during The Rural Design Collective Summer Mentoring Program. Above is a prototype built in GIMP designed by participants in the program. The project page is at and you can see the resulting site at

Melkite Eparchy of Newton


The Melkite Eparchy of Newton contracted Point.B Studio to create the graphical interface for this iOS app as a visual complement to their website, also designed by Point.B Studio. The website project encompassed a wide range of publishing solutions, including designing a cohesive identity for all print materials and automating publishing processes using tools such as PrinceXML. The iOS app was developed in a virtual setting in Xcode and distributed OTA. See the website component of this project at

Specific Web Techniques

The following examples were coded entirely in HTML and CSS (and minimal JavaScript in some cases) which remains the nuts and bolts of any well-designed website.

The Thing System

This website was built entirely in fundamental web markup languages. The design is responsive and requires only one set of files to be viewed on mobile and desktop devices. The color wayfinding system was designed to be modular so new sections could be readily added as the developer docs were written by the engineering team. Point.B Studio also designed the user interface toolkit for the steward working with JavaScript guru Danny Goodman remotely (we also worked with Danny on his Spam Wars launch). The user interface toolkit was constructed so that anyone could design their own UI for the system.

The Thing System

This elegant table cataloging specific things that compatible with the system is noteworthy (uses JavaScript for the sorting feature): All icons and graphics were designed by Point.B Studio:


Point.B Studio designed website templates to facilitate construction of this website in addition to custom-designed pages. Some noteworthy designs are below:

Judiciary Chart

View this design as code here.

Pacer Chart

View this design as code here.

More projects are described here. (Contact us for a full reel as we continue to work on documenting historical projects).